Blog Website Design with the Prince’s Trust

We had another great week working with and the Prince’s Trust. This week we looked at Blog Website Design. We found out how to design blogs, create category pages and design the all important home page.

I have to say, this week was an absolute blast. The particpants were full of beans and so engaged in what they were doing. We had some fantastic outcomes – check them out below! – as well as a lot of fun along the way. In fact, the participants were so good that two of them were offered the opportunity to join the family to continue their journey with digital design.

We love seeing the real world impact of our work – enabling young adults to explore fields that may seem daunting to enter and supporting their journey to employment within the industry.

Our Blog Website Designs

Did you know?

We work with schools and colleges to engage otherwise disenfranchised students – being able to see how they can use the skills they’re learning to get a job or start up as a freelancer is a key motivator.

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